Transaction Management

Mitigate transactional risks

Business and financial markets are forever in a constant state of change. With each change comes a newly formed obstacle that must be overcome to maintain success. Being able to adapt to change is what separates the leaders from the followers.

Burton Mills's institutional transaction management services provide corporations with a comprehensive range of financial solutions to help mitigate capital risk and overcome barriers to success.


Liquidity management

Ensuring that the liquidity of your day-to-day enterprise capital is sufficient to meet operational requirements, we structure your capital balances across a number of accounts to extract short-term interest gains and to execute round the clock transactions.


International transactions

Simplifying the complexity of international trade transactions through the management of currency risk. Forward contract payment facilities are available with the majority of common business currencies, whilst the creation of multiple payment and credit beneficiaries are facilitated by default.


Risk management controls

Our specialists and their custom approach to helping clients mitigate transactional risks has become a central aspect of the Burton Mills institutional offering. The extensive risks associated when dealing with large transactional volumes are handled with efficiency via the deployment of custom-developed technologies.

 Investment banking

Investment banking capabilities extend to the management of equity public offerings, raising of capital and facilitating the allocation of private market debt and equity.

Investment banking 

 Equity capital

Raising private capital to fund the growth stages of business, to facilitate strategic M&A activities and to prepare businesses for initial public offerings.

Equity capital placements 

Institutional Asset Management

Institutional asset management services are designed to accommodate sector-specific needs as businesses and corporations seek to strengthen existing competencies through the efficient management of their financial demands.

Identifying your investment challenges and overcoming market complexities to meet your day-to-day requirements whilst maintaining focus on the realization of longer-term financial commitments.