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Protection of visitor information

By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions published as part of Burton Mills's policy towards privacy.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time based on the changes to this Website and to accommodate the user experience. It is recommended that on subsequent visits to this Website you review this privacy policy.

Burton Mills respects the privacy of visitors to this Website. This privacy policy intends to publish the ways in which Burton Mills collects and processes information gathered from visitor activity.

Aggregate data

Visitor behavior through the use of this Website may be tracked in order to improve the user experience. Information such as the type of internet browser used and the unique IP address may be recorded and used for improving efficiency. Such data is used on an aggregate basis and will in no way uncover information that is deemed 'personal' (see below).

Personal information

Voluntary submissions of personal information through this website may be recorded to assist with operational services. Submitting a query via email or application form will result in the disclosure of personal information such as a name, contact telephone number, email address.

Burton Mills will not disclose any personal information to a third party without prior written consent. Burton Mills takes a number of electronic and physical measures to safeguard personal information submitted through this Website.

The use of personal information to assist with the management of services is highly restricted to Burton Mills employees who are assigned to perform specific duties. Burton Mills employees are trained in matters pertaining to information protection and are contractually obliged to abide by Burton Mills's privacy policies.

User agreement

All information published on the pages of this Website remains, at all times, the property of Burton Mills. Written content cannot be replicated or reproduced for commercial use.

Written consent must be obtained from Burton Mills under the following content usage conditions;

    1. 1) For commercial use of content and materials used on this Website,
    2. 2) For printing multiple copies of material for educational purposes,

Please contact the Burton Mills Privacy Officer for further information.

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