Equity Investment

Equity InvestmentGlobal equity investment strategies

Burton Mills's equity strategies combine the benefits of a multi-tiered approach across developed markets, emerging markets and thematic investment.

Our capabilities have served investors under an absolute return policy through a number of market cycles as we prioritize a value investment philosophy in pursuit of long-term, sustainable capital accumulation.

Developed markets

Our value-driven investment philosophy focuses on identifying the intrinsic value of any given opportunity. Staying true to a unique asset identification formula, our research efforts ensure that assets are acquired only when they are significantly undervalued relative to their potential.

Drawing on an internal research and identification process, we focus on actively managed equity strategies throughout Northern America, Europe, Japan and Australasia.


Emerging markets

A fundamental investment process seeks to limit the effects of volatility on medium-term positions often inherent with emerging market investment strategies.

Whilst areas such as Russia, India, Eastern Europe and more stable parts of Asia present a viable opportunity for explosive growth, our research and selection processes are centralized around an awareness that emerging markets are more susceptible to the effects of global volatility.


Dividend yield

Addressing the demands of investors whose objectives prioritize fixed-income over growth, we present a series of equity strategies to promote fixed-income returns.

Identifying companies that pay attractive dividend yields whilst demonstrating the ability to sustain profitable operations, provides the potential for capital growth whilst meeting the income demands of investors.


Thematic approach

The longer-term evolution of markets, economies, consumer preferences and social policies present forward thinking investors with the potential to generate wealth through extended periods of change. As global demographic shifts begin to take place, a number of opportunities to support the changes are uncovered.

Burton Mills's thematic research is currently focused on the following sectors;

  •  Agriculture,
  •  Renewable energy,
  •  Pharmaceuticals and health care,
  •  Enterprise communications,
  •  Robotic engineering,
  •  Security and surveillance.

 Fixed income

Incorporating fixed income securities as part of a diversified portfolio remains integral to the delivery of consistent performance in pursuit of risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed income solutions 

 Alternative investment

As investor preferences change, alternative investments create additional benefits for investors whose appetite for risk leans more towards an aggressive nature.

Alternative investment 

Family Office Services

Burton Mills provides specialized services for complex family structures as we dedicate custom resources to meet the demand of each family member.

Our dedicated professionals assist you with the day-to-day management of your financial complexities as you strive to generate and preserve the value of multi-generational wealth.